What can Möbius achieve for you?

Keys to Your Success:

  • Drive Direct Bookings across all your own channels
  • Increase Conversions with advanced Merchandizing and Marketing
  • Personalize your Customer Experience throughout Dream, Plan and Book
  • Own the Customer Relationship at every Touch Point across all channels
  • Capture and Use Data Insights from the IBE across the Business
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How Möbius achieves this:

We follows the following Guiding Principles that are all about facilitating the user journey. From Dream and Plan to Book, facilitating this journey with best of breed tools and expertise, together with our clients, is at the core of what Möbius is about.

1. Provide Backend that takes the guesswork and stress out of IBE Management, and allows the business to focus on direct booking conversions.

Create operational efficiency with PMS and Channel Manager Integrations

Provides access and integration into the market's third party distribution points, such as our built in MetaSearch connection and 300+ marketing partner integrations

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Provide Backend that takes the guesswork and stress out of IBE Management

2. Capitalize on the fact that the user journey begins on the hotel website, not the IBE, and provide the most effective start possible

Provide a Contextual Booking widget that uses the content on the website to pre-populate the search fields without the user needing to do it manually

Make sure the user always has access to the widget tool with the right degree of ‘aggressiveness’ depending on where they are in Dream > Plan > Book

Always use the data we have about the user to provide them their previous searches and ‘1-click’ access to the IBE

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Web Booking Engine and Hotel Website

3. Provide multi-channel user engagement that is in-line with today’s customer expectations.

Provide a fully-responsive IBE experience across web, mobile web and tablet, where the functionality reflects how users interact differently with each device; capitalize on real human behaviour

Give customers a native mobile app experience on both Android and iOS, increasing both direct bookings and marketing reach

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4. Create Trust, Urgency, and Delightful User Journey Experiences in the IBE, facilitating the booking flow

Deploy an industry leading toolset of merchandising and marketing features that take their inspiration from equal parts 1) user experience research & testing, and 2) learning from eCommerce leaders across multiple industries

Enable a rollout plan that is in-line with the client strategy - we always recommend being aggressive, but reasonable at the same time. 2PV working collaboratively with the your team through best practice and usage is key to success

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Rate Management and Merchandising

5. Personalization is no longer a ‘nice to have’... it is a key ingredient to success

There’s value in every piece of data - use all data on hand to customize and tailor the User Journey to each individual user. Whether you know exactly who they are and their stay history, or it is a new visitor and all you know is their location, there is a competitive advantage to be had in converting them

Enriched Customer Profiles and guest history are used at every point possible to increase retention and loyalty by making the booking process intuitive and efficient for the user

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Personalization is no longer a ‘nice to have’... it is a key ingredient to success

6. All of the above means nothing if the user doesn’t convert...

Provide users a seamless check out process that is efficient and intuitive

Create an experience where editing dates/room types/packages during check-out is comprehensive within the flow and never make the user re-enter information

Never present more information than is needed, or ask the user to do more than is needed - conversions are about convenience and confidence; mastering this balance is key

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All of the above means nothing if the user doesn’t convert

7. Access to the rest of the 2PV product eco-system is a given

Customer Loyalty and leveraging Business Intelligence are two areas where we excel and would like to help you excel. The Möbius platform extends itself to our Figur8 and Infiniti products as and when our clients may need them and are ready to capitalize on these areas.


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